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Tubal ligation: Quiz


Question 1: Tubal ligation (informally known as getting one's "tubes tied") is a form of female sterilization, in which the fallopian tubes are severed and sealed or "pinched shut", in order to prevent ________.
EmbryoFertilisationPrenatal developmentHuman embryogenesis

Question 2: ________ is microsurgery to repair the fallopian tube after a tubal ligation procedure.
FertilityEctopic pregnancyTubal reversalPregnancy

Question 3: IVF ________ may overcome fertility problems in patients not suited to a tubal reversal.
Assisted reproductive technologyArtificial inseminationIn vitro fertilisationPregnancy

Question 4: Method failure is difficult to detect, except by subsequent pregnancy, unlike with ________ or IUD.
MasturbationBirth controlCondomVasectomy

Question 5: Tubal ligation can be performed under either general anesthesia or local anesthesia (spinal or ________, often supplemented with a tranquilizer to calm the patient during the procedure).
KetamineSyringomyeliaEpiduralCaesarean section

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