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Tswana people: Quiz


Question 1: The largest number of ethnic Tswana people actually live in ________.
South AfricaMauritiusSierra LeoneCanada

Question 2: Other ________
ZuluXhosaBantu speaking peoples of South AfricaAfrikaner

Question 3: In the ________, however, Botswana is the correct name for the place of Tswana.
Zulu languageAfrikaansSotho languageTswana language

Question 4: Europeans therefore referred to the area inhabited by the Tswana as ________.
Northern RhodesiaSouthern RhodesiaCape ColonyBechuanaland Protectorate

Question 5: The Tswana language belongs to the Bantu group of the ________.
Niger-Congo languagesMande languagesAfroasiatic languagesNilo-Saharan languages

Question 6: The modern republic of Botswana (formerly the British protectorate ________) is thus named for the Tswana people.
Cape ColonyBechuanaland ProtectorateSouthern RhodesiaNorthern Rhodesia


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