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Tse (Cyrillic): Quiz


Question 1: A notable rule of Russian orthography is that <ц> is seldom followed by 'ы', with the exception of the ending -ы of the plural number (танец–танцы) and some ________ (девица–девицы).
Vocative caseGenitive caseDeclensionGrammatical case

Question 2: It is used both in native Slavic words and borrowed words: as a match for the Latin <C> in words of ________ origin, for example цирк (circus), центр (center); and for the German <Z> in words borrowed from German, for example плац (Platz), цинк (Zink).
Vulgar LatinLatinOld LatinRoman Empire

Question 3: Tse or Ce, (Ц, ц) is a letter in the ________.
Glagolitic alphabetPhoenician alphabetYatCyrillic alphabet

Question 4: It represents a ________ /ts/, like the ts in "cats."
Voiceless labiodental fricativePalatal approximantVoiceless velar plosiveVoiceless alveolar affricate


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