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Tsarevich: Quiz


Question 1: Tsarevich, or Czarevich, (Russian: Царевич) is a Slavic term for the ________'s son.
TsarEmperorGolden HordeKievan Rus'

Question 2: In olden times, the term was also applied to descendants of the khans (tsars) of Kazan, Kasimov, and Siberia after these khanates had been annexed by ________.
RussiaUnited StatesRussian cultureMoscow

Question 3: Under the ________, the term was discontinued.
Princess Irina Alexandrovna of RussiaHouse of RomanovPrincess Tatiana Constantinovna of RussiaGrand Duke Boris Vladimirovich of Russia

Question 4: The tsar's eldest son (and ________), came to be called Tsesarevich.
Heir apparentMonarchyDenmarkJapan


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