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Question 1: The aspartate residue (Asp 189) located in the catalytic pocket (S1) of trypsins is responsible for attracting and stabilizing positively-charged lysine and/or ________, and is thus responsible for the specificity of the enzyme.
SerineCysteineGlutamic acidArginine

Question 2: If trypsin is added to a solution of milk powder, the breakdown of casein will cause the milk to become ________.
GlassOpticsOptical fiberTransparency and translucency

Question 3: When the pancreas is stimulated by ________, it is then secreted into the small intestine.

Question 4: [2] Trypsin is produced in the ________ as the inactive proenzyme trypsinogen.
Endocrine systemPancreasDigestionLiver

Question 5: The enzymatic reaction that trypsins catalyze is ________ favorable but requires significant activation energy (it is "kinetically unfavorable").
Statistical mechanicsEntropyThermodynamic equationsThermodynamics

Question 6: Trypsin cleaves peptide chains mainly at the carboxyl side of the ________ lysine or arginine, except when either is followed by proline.
L-DOPAMetabolismAmino acid synthesisAmino acid

Question 7: [4] Trypsins are considered endopeptidases, i.e., the cleavage occurs within the ________ chain rather than at the terminal amino acids located at the ends of polypeptides.
Melanotan IIAfamelanotidePeptideBremelanotide

Question 8: This means that trypsin predominantly cleaves proteins at the carboxyl side (or "C-terminal side") of the ________ lysine and arginine, except when either is bound to a c-terminal proline.
MetabolismAmino acid synthesisAmino acidL-DOPA

Question 9: Trypsin (EC is a serine protease found in the ________ of many vertebrates, where it hydrolyses proteins.
Endocrine systemStomachDigestionImmune system

Question 10: Trypsin is secreted into the ________, where it acts to hydrolyse peptides into their smaller building blocks, namely amino acids (these peptides are the result of the enzyme pepsin breaking down the proteins in the stomach).
IleumDuodenumSmall intestineHuman gastrointestinal tract


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