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Try: Quiz


Question 1: A try is the major way of scoring points in ________ and rugby union football.
Rugby footballRugby leagueAmerican footballAssociation football

Question 2: Note, however, that in both ________ (usually, but not always, played under union rules) and rugby league nines, conversions may only take place as drop kicks.
FootballRugby tensRugby unionRugby sevens

Question 3: A try is analogous to a touchdown in American and ________, with the major difference being that a try requires the ball be simultaneously touching the ground in the in-goal area and an attacking player who is in the field of play or in-goal.
Arena footballGridiron footballCanadian footballTouch football (American)

Question 4: This kick at conversion in rugby union may take place as either a place kick (from the ground) or a ________ whereas in rugby league, a conversion may only take place as a place kick.
Gridiron footballDrop kickFumbleField goal (football)


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