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Truthiness: Quiz


Question 1: It's not your typical truth, but, as The New York Times wrote, 'a summation of what [Colbert] sees as the guiding ethos of the loudest commentators on Fox News, MSNBC and ________.'"
HLN (TV channel)CNNFox News ChannelCNN en Español

Question 2: Colbert mentioned this during the last segment on the June 18 episode of ________, and declared himself the "King of the Crossword".
The Daily ShowWho Made Huckabee?Stephen ColbertThe Colbert Report

Question 3: [40] On the third of these episodes, he ranked the AP at the top of the "Threat-Down",[41] one of few entries ever to gain the number one spot in place of ________.
Gray WolfBrown BearBearCaniformia

Question 4: In the June 14, 2008 edition of The New York Times, the word was featured as 1-across in the ________.
Dutch languageCrosswordGerman languageEngland

Question 5: In satire, truthiness is a 'truth' that a person claims to know intuitively "from the gut" without regard to evidence, logic, intellectual examination, or ________.

Question 6: [47] On the same weekend, ________ and others also referenced this.
NewsweekSlate (magazine)Donald E. GrahamThe Washington Post

Question 7: In its October 25, 2005 issue, eight days after the premiere episode of the Report, ________ ran its third article on The Colbert Report, "Bringing Out the Absurdity of the News".
International Herald TribuneThe Boston GlobeThe New York Times CompanyThe New York Times

Question 8: [26] The 2008 List of Banished Words restored "truthiness" to formal usage, in response to the ________.
Effect of the 2007–08 Writers Guild of America strike on television2007–2008 Writers Guild of America strikeTimeline of the 2007–2008 Writers Guild of America strikeConan O'Brien

Question 9: "'It's a sin of omission…' Stephen Colbert told the AP on Thursday….'It's like Shakespeare still being alive and not asking him what ________ is about,' he said."
Hamlet on screenHamlet (bibliographies)HamletThe Tempest

Question 10: "Colbert, who referred on his program to the AP omission as a 'journalistic travesty,' said Thursday that it was similar to the much-criticized weapons of mass destruction reporting leading up to the ________.
Iraq WarUnited States Marine CorpsVietnam WarCentral Intelligence Agency


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