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Truss: Quiz


Question 1: ________ of trusses of any type can readily be carried out using a matrix method such as the direct stiffness method, the flexibility method or the finite element method.
Structural analysisCreep (deformation)Beam (structure)Buckling

Question 2: The Vierendeel truss is a truss where the members are not ________ but form rectangular openings, and is a frame with fixed joints that are capable of transferring and resisting bending moments.
GeometryAbu Rayhan BiruniThalesTriangulation

Question 3: A ________ shape is the simplest space truss, consisting of six members which meet at four joints.

Question 4: ________, a truss in the shape of a sphere
IcosahedronGeodesic domeBuckminster FullerFullerene

Question 5: Roof truss in a side building of ________, France.
Cluny AbbeyPopePope Gelasius IIPope Callixtus II

Question 6: Little Belt: a truss bridge in ________

Question 7: In ________ and structural engineering, a truss is a structure comprising one or more triangular units constructed with straight members whose ends are connected at joints referred to as nodes.
ArchitectureArchitectural theoryItalyEurope

Question 8: The internal ________ in the members of the truss can be calculated in a variety of ways including the graphical methods:
ForceEnergyClassical mechanicsPhysics

Question 9: Modern materials such as prestressed concrete and fabrication methods, such as automated welding, have significantly influenced the design of modern ________.
Arch bridgeBridgeTruss bridgeCable-stayed bridge

Question 10: His design, ________ in 1820 and 1835, uses easy-to-handle planks arranged diagonally with short spaces in between them.
PatentPatent infringementSoftware patentPatent application

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