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Trunk road: Quiz


Question 1: This development did not extend to ________, which has always had a separate system of highway and road traffic law.
United KingdomScotlandNorthern IrelandIrish people

Question 2: Many trunk roads have segregated lanes in a ________, or are motorway standard.
High-quality dual carriagewaySingle carriagewayDual carriagewayHighway

Question 3: A trunk road, trunk highway, or strategic road is a major road—usually connecting two or more cities, ports, ________, etc.—which is the recommended route for long-distance and freight traffic.
AirportAirline hubAir traffic controlAirport security

Question 4: Others, like virtually all British ________, have entered the system as a result of new construction.

Question 5: Thirty major ________ were classed as Trunk Roads and the Minister of Transport took direct control of them and the bridges across them.

Question 6: As of 2004, ________ has 7,845 miles (12,625 km) of Trunk Roads, of which 2,161 miles (3,478 km) are motorways.
United KingdomGreat BritainScotlandEngland

Question 7: In the United Kingdom, Trunk Roads were first defined for ________ in the Trunk Roads Act 1936.
WalesEnglandGreat BritainScotland


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