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Question 1: All permutations of (0, ±1, ±2) are ________ of the vertices of a truncated octahedron centered at the origin.
Spherical coordinate systemParabolic coordinatesCartesian coordinate systemCylindrical coordinate system

Question 2: In geometry, the truncated octahedron is an ________.
PolyhedronRhombicosidodecahedronArchimedean solidUniform polyhedron

Question 3: It has 8 regular ________ faces, 6 square faces, 24 vertices and 36 edges.
PolygonHexagonRegular polygonOctagon

Question 4: Therefore, the truncated octahedron is the ________ of order 4.
Coxeter–Dynkin diagramPermutohedronUniform polychoronZonohedron

Question 5: A truncated octahedron is constructed from a regular ________ with side length 3a by the removal of six right square pyramids, one from each point.

Question 6: Note that this shape is exactly similar to half an octahedron or ________ J1.
Bicupola (geometry)Johnson solidIcosahedronPolyhedron

Question 7: Since each of its faces has ________ the truncated octahedron is a zonohedron.
Group (mathematics)Symmetry groupGroup actionDihedral group


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