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Truman Doctrine: Quiz


Question 1:
Which of the following titles did Truman Doctrine have?
Miss Greece 2008
Princess Aspasia of Greece and Denmark
Princess George of Greece and Denmark
Special Message to Congress on Greece and Turkey

Question 2: The Truman Doctrine is the common name for the ________ strategy of containment versus the Soviet Union and the expansion of communism.
Cold WarVietnam WarJoseph StalinCentral Intelligence Agency

Question 3: journalist and commentator on international affairs, who favored proposals of disengagement in ________, strongly criticized the "X" article.

Question 4: In 1946, George Kennan wrote his famed "________", which spoke of how the Soviets would only respond to force and that the best way to handle them would be through a long-term strategy of containment.
George MarshallX ArticleHarry S. TrumanGeorge F. Kennan

Question 5: It was an early response to a perceived political involvement by the Soviet Union in ________ and Asia, as suggested by the Communist movements in Turkey and Greece.
EuropeWestern EuropeEastern EuropeBalkans

Question 6: ________, a leading U.S.
Noam ChomskyLyndon B. JohnsonWalter LippmannGerald Ford

Question 7: At the conclusion of World War II, Stalin demanded partial control of the Dardanelles, a strategic passage between the ________ and the Mediterranean.
Aegean SeaBlack SeaMediterranean SeaBaltic Sea

Question 8: Based on the Long Telegram, Kennan published an article in the July 1947 issue of ________ under the pseudonym "X," titled "The Sources of Soviet Conduct,"[1][2].
National ReviewForeign AffairsThe AtlanticThe New Republic

Question 9: President ________ issued an apology, largely unreported by the Western media, for the United States' past support of the totalitarian government.
Ed RendellAl GoreHoward DeanBill Clinton

Question 10: This dispatch came to the attention of Secretary of the Navy ________, a leading advocate for a hard-line approach to relations with the Soviets.
Frank KnoxFranklin D. RooseveltJames ForrestalThomas S. Gates, Jr.

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