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Trout: Quiz


Question 1: Lake trout inhabit many of the larger lakes in North America, and live much longer than ________, which have an average maximum lifespan of 7 years.
Atlantic salmonChinook salmonCoho salmonRainbow trout

Question 2: Trout have fins entirely without spines, and all of them have a small ________ (fatty) fin along the back, near the tail.
Brown adipose tissueAdipose tissueAdipocyteCollagen

Question 3: ________ belong to some of the same genera as trout but, unlike most trout, most salmon species spend almost all their lives in salt water.
Chinook salmonWild fisheriesSalmonCrab fisheries

Question 4: Because of their popularity, trout are often raised on ________ and planted into heavily fished waters, in an effort to mask the effects of overfishing.
Shrimp farmFish farmingIntegrated Multi-Trophic AquacultureAquaculture

Question 5: Trout is a number of species of freshwater and saltwater ________ belonging to the Salmoninae subfamily of the Salmonidae family.
Pelagic fishForage fishFishFish anatomy

Question 6: A deep pool may hold a big ________, but rainbows and smaller browns are likely found in runs.
Brown troutRainbow troutAtlantic salmonBrook trout

Question 7: Mostly, these colors and patterns form as ________, based on the surroundings, and will change as the fish moves to different habitats.
CamouflageCrypsisMilitary camouflageConvergent evolution

Question 8: While they can be caught with a normal rod and reel, ________ is a distinctive method developed primarily for trout, and now extended to other species.
Artificial flySpey castingFly tyingFly fishing


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