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Trousers: Quiz


Question 1: Cut-offs are homemade ________ made by cutting the legs off trousers, usually after holes have been worn in fabric around the knees.
ShortsVelcroOverallAthletic shoe

Question 2: Sailors also pioneered the wearing of jeans, trousers made of ________.
Kente clothSilkSpandexDenim

Question 3: Originally, doublets came almost to the knees, effectively covering the private parts, but as fashions changed and doublets became shorter, it became necessary for men to cover their genitals with a ________.
UndergarmentDoublet (clothing)ChaussesCodpiece

Question 4: Starting around the mid 19th Century, ________ pit brow girls scandalized Victorian society by wearing trousers for their work at the local coal mines.
Greater ManchesterOldhamWiganSalford, Greater Manchester

Question 5: The term is most frequently applied to a short opening in trousers, shorts and other garments covering the lower abdomen and Groin/________, which allows the garments to be put on and taken off with greater ease.
PenisRectumBreastReproductive system

Question 6: In ancient ________, only soldiers wore trousers.
Province (China)Time in ChinaChinaReligion in China

Question 7: Nomadic Iranian horsemen invented the trousers and the Iranian Scythians along with the ________ Persians became the early adopters of trousers.
Sassanid EmpireAlexander the GreatMedesAchaemenid Empire

Question 8: [6] The word itself is of Gaelic origin, from the ________ or Scottish Gaelic, from the Middle Irish word "triubhas" (close-fitting shorts).
Northern IrelandIrelandManx languageIrish language

Question 9: ________ just below the waistband on the front typify many styles of formal and casual trousers, including suit trousers and khakis.

Question 10: When the pleats open towards the pockets they are called reverse pleats (typical of corduroy trousers) and when they open toward the ________, they are known as forward pleats.

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