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Troubadour: Quiz


Question 1:
Which of the following titles did Troubadour have?
La Mer
A chantar m'er
Lu2019Amour u00E0 la mer
Mer's Lips

Question 2: ________ in his De vulgari eloquentia defined the troubadour lyric as fictio rethorica musicaque poita: rhetorical, musical, and poetical fiction.
Dante AlighieriPope John Paul IICatholic ChurchPeter Abelard

Question 3: After a "classical" period around the turn of the thirteenth century and a mid-century resurgence, the art of the troubadours declined in the fourteenth century and eventually died out around the time of the ________ (1348).
PandemicPlague (disease)Black Death migrationBlack Death

Question 4: Under the influence of the troubadours, related movements sprang up throughout Europe: the Minnesang in Germany, trovadorismo in Galicia and Portugal, and that of the trouvères in northern ________.
CanadaFranceItalyUnited Kingdom

Question 5:
What format does Troubadour follow?

Question 6: The texts of troubadour songs deal mainly with themes of ________ and courtly love.
ChivalryKnightGawainHoly Grail

Question 7: Bernardine-Marianist or Christian
According to this theory, it was the theology espoused by ________ and the increasingly important Mariology that most strongly influenced the development of the troubadour genre.
Bernard of ClairvauxPope John Paul IIHistory of the Catholic ChurchCatholic Church

Question 8: The trobairitz came almost to a woman from ________.
Occitan languageOccitaniaOccitan literatureProvence

Question 9:
Troubadour, Qur'an and Inferno (Dante) are all:
Musical performers Medieval music Defunct occupations Medieval literature

Question 10:
Troubadour, Singing and Composer are all:
Occupations in music Medieval music Defunct occupations Musical performers

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