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Trotskyism: Quiz


Question 1: Trotskyism is the theory of Marxism as advocated by ________.
Leon TrotskyVyacheslav MolotovEduard ShevardnadzeChristian Rakovsky

Question 2: Support for the strategy of ________, in opposition to the Two Stage Theory of his opponents;[3]
Permanent revolutionLeon TrotskyFourth InternationalTrotskyism

Question 3: In the view of many Trotskyists, this is exactly what has happened since the beginning of ________ and Perestroika in the USSR.
Mikhail GorbachevBoris YeltsinGlasnostLech Wałęsa

Question 4: At the time of the founding of the Fourth International in 1938 Trotskyism was a mass political current in Vietnam, Sri Lanka and slightly later ________.

Question 5: It was led by ________'s pioneer Trotskyist, Philip Gunawardena and his colleague NM Perera.
IndiaSouth AsiaBrāhmī scriptPunjabi language

Question 6: The ________ organised an international conference in 1946, and then World Congresses in 1948 and 1951 to assess the expropriation of the capitalists in Eastern Europe and Yugoslavia, the threat of a Third World War, and the tasks for revolutionaries.
TitoismMarxismProletarian revolutionFourth International

Question 7: Anyone who disagreed with the party line was labeled a Trotskyist and even a ________.
TotalitarianismItalian FascismNazismFascism

Question 8: In 1974 a secret faction of the LSSP, allied to the ________ in the UK emerged.
Peter TaaffeHarold WilsonLabour Party (UK)Militant tendency

Question 9: Many of Trotsky's criticisms of ________ were described in his book, The Revolution Betrayed.
Eastern BlocJoseph StalinSocialism in One CountryStalinism

Question 10: However, the ________'s view that the Soviet leadership was counter-revolutionary remained unchanged.
MarxismProletarian revolutionFourth InternationalTitoism


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