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Question 1: Park trot: Sometimes simply called a Trot in a given class, seen in ________ and fine harness classes for Saddlebreds, Arabians and Morgans.
EquestrianismSaddle seatEquitationDressage

Question 2: This is a common gait that the horse is worked in for ________, due to its many variations.
DressageLipizzanEquestrianismSpanish Riding School

Question 3: This is preferred for show ring western riding and in ________, especially at the upper levels.
LipizzanEquestrianismDressageSpanish Riding School

Question 4: It is also a test of ________, proving that the rider can quietly move with the horse.
Horse tackEquitationEquestrianismWestern riding

Question 5: Racing trot: seen in ________ horses that race at the trot, such as Standardbred.
Horse racingHarness racingHarness racing in New ZealandStandardbred horse

Question 6: Half-seat or Two-point: Variations are also called ________, Half-seat involves the rider getting the seat bones off the saddle and keeping soft contact with the pelvis, two-point involves the rider raising the seat and pelvic bones.
Hunt seatJumping positionEquestrianismShow hunter

Question 7: ________ horses are considerably faster.
Harness racingHorse racingHarness racing in New ZealandStandardbred horse

Question 8: Except in ________ riding, rider's shoulders maintain a slight forward incline throughout the rising trot, instead of the upright, vertical position seen in sitting trot.
Arabian horseEquestrianismSaddle seatEquitation

Question 9: ________ was the first to prove, by photography, in 1872, that there is a "moment of suspension" or "unsupported transit" during the trot gait.
Sacramento, CaliforniaFilmThe PhotographerEadweard Muybridge

Question 10: The trot is a two beat diagonal gait of the ________ where the diagonal pairs of legs move forward at the same time.
Arabian horseDonkeyHorseEquus (genus)


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