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Troposphere: Quiz


Question 1: If the air is at the ________, then the rate at which temperature drops with height is called the saturated adiabatic lapse rate.
OxygenPartial pressureNitrogenVapor pressure

Question 2: The word troposphere derives from the Greek: tropos for "turning" or "mixing," reflecting the fact that ________ mixing plays an important role in the troposphere's structure and behavior.
Reynolds numberTurbulenceFluid dynamicsDrag (physics)

Question 3: The rate at which temperature decreases with height under such conditions is called the adiabatic ________.
Lapse rateConvective available potential energyLifted condensation levelFree convective layer

Question 4: Since the heat exchanged dQ is related to the ________ change dS by dQ=T dS, the equation governing the temperature as a function of height for a thoroughly mixed atmosphere is
EntropyGibbs free energyStatistical mechanicsThermodynamics

Question 5: For dry air, which is approximately an ________, we can proceed further.
Ideal gasTemperatureStatistical mechanicsMaxwell–Boltzmann statistics

Question 6: The source of water vapor is at the surface through the processes of ________ and transpiration.
Phase transitionGasTemperatureEvaporation

Question 7: The rate at which the temperature decreases, dT / dz, is called the ________.
Lifted condensation levelLapse rateConvective available potential energyFree convective layer

Question 8: The chemical composition of the troposphere is essentially uniform, with the notable exception of ________.
TemperatureLightningWater vaporHumidity

Question 9: The lowest part of the troposphere, where ________ with the Earth's surface influences air flow, is the planetary boundary layer.
ForceFrictionDrag (physics)Lift (force)

Question 10: At the poles, the troposphere is thinner and the temperature only decreases to -45°C, while at the ________ the temperature at the top of the troposphere can reach -75°C.
Equator1st parallel north5th parallel north1st parallel south


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