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Tropics: Quiz


Question 1: Under the Köppen climate classification, much of the area within the geographical tropics is classed not as "tropical" but as "dry" (arid or semi-arid) including the Sahara Desert and ________.
OutbackTanami RoadNorthern TerritoryStuart Highway

Question 2: Often the soils of tropical forests are low in ________ content making them quite vulnerable to slash-and-burn techniques, which are sometimes an element of shifting cultivation agricultural systems.
Dietary mineralNutritionOxygenNutrient

Question 3: Spring begins when the Sun is directly over the equator (________).

Question 4: The tropics include all the areas on the Earth where the ________ reaches a point directly overhead and a point directly underneath at least once during the solar year.
JupiterSunSolar SystemStar

Question 5: Winter begins when the Sun is directly over the Tropic of Capricorn in the north or when the Sun is directly over the ________ in the south (winter solstice).
Tropic of CancerCircle of latitude20th parallel north25th parallel north

Question 6: Autumn begins when the Sun is again directly over the equator (________).

Question 7: It is limited in latitude by the ________ in the northern hemisphere at approximately 23°26' (23.4°) N latitude and the Tropic of Capricorn in the southern hemisphere at 23°26' (23.4°) S latitude.
Tropic of CancerCircle of latitude25th parallel north20th parallel north

Question 8: In biogeography, the tropics are divided into paleotropics (Africa, Asia and Australia) and ________ (Central and South America).
Neotropic ecozoneNicaraguaDeserts and xeric shrublandsDominican Republic

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