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Tropical cyclone: Quiz


Question 1: Although their effects on human populations can be devastating, tropical cyclones can also relieve ________ conditions.
DeforestationKyoto ProtocolDroughtClimate change and agriculture

Question 2: What does the following picture show?

  Sunset view of Hurricane Isidore's rainbands photographed at 7,000 feet (2,100 m)
  Infrared image of a powerful southern hemisphere cyclone, Monica, near peak intensity, showing clockwise rotation due to the Coriolis effect
  Taipei 101 endures a typhoon in 2005
  Sunset view of Hurricane Isidore's rainbands photographed at 7,000 feet (2,100 m)

Question 3: ________ is the longest-lasting tropical cyclone on record, lasting 31 days in 1994.
Hurricane Emilia (1994)Hurricane IokeHurricane John (1994)Hurricane Rick (2009)

Question 4: India Meteorological Department – Bay of Bengal and the ________
Laccadive SeaIndian OceanArabian SeaPalk Strait

Question 5: These organizations are designated by the ________ and are responsible for tracking and issuing bulletins, warnings, and advisories about tropical cyclones in their designated areas of responsibility.
Universal Postal UnionWorld Meteorological OrganizationFood and Agriculture OrganizationDenmark

Question 6: [39] Another factor is rapid cooling with height, which allows the release of the ________ that powers a tropical cyclone.
Enthalpy of vaporizationNoble gasHalogenActinoid

Question 7: They also carry heat and energy away from the tropics and transport it toward temperate latitudes, which makes them an important part of the global ________ mechanism.
Coriolis effectGulf StreamThermohaline circulationAtmospheric circulation

Question 8: The pressures recorded at the centers of tropical cyclones are among the lowest that occur on Earth's surface at ________.
Sea levelCurrent sea level risePhysical oceanographyThermohaline circulation

Question 9: [19] This ________ continues for as long as conditions are favorable for tropical cyclone development.
Exponential growthPositive feedbackEstrogenOxytocin

Question 10: ________ measurements, in real-time, can be taken by sending specially equipped reconnaissance flights into the cyclone.
BiologyIn situPlantEarth science

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