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Question 1: Perhaps the earliest set of troparia of known authorship are those of the ________ Auxentios (first half of the 5th century), mentioned in his biography but not preserved in any later Byzantine order of service.
MonasteryMonkHouseholder (Buddhism)Nun

Question 2: A troparion to the Mother of God (________) is called a theotokion (Greek: Θεοτοκιον, Slavonic: Bogorόdichen); plural: theotokia (θεοτοκια).
TheotokosBlessed Virgin Mary (Roman Catholic)Roman Catholic MariologyBlessed Virgin Mary

Question 3: Troparion Of Kassiani (Chanted during ________ on Great and Holy Wednesday)
Holy Week processionHoly WeekGood FridayEaster

Question 4: Sometimes, troparia will be interpolated between verses of a ________ or other scripture.
Psalms 152–155EpistlePsalm 151Psalms

Question 5: *In ________ where Eastern Orthodoxy is the state religion, this troparion is often used as a national anthem with the name of the ruler occurring here.
Constitutional monarchyMonarchyCrown jewelsCoronation

Question 6: The stanzas of a Canon are troparia, as are the verses interspersed between the ________ at the Divine Liturgy.
Sermon on the MountBeatitudesApostle (Christian)New Testament

Question 7: Amen." If a Theotokion makes reference to the ________, it is called a stavrotheotokion (Greek: σταυροθεοτοκίον, Slavonic: krestobogoródichen).
Resurrection of JesusTimeline of ChristianityCrucifixion of JesusChronology of Jesus

Question 8: A troparion in honor of the ________ is called a Triadicon (Greek: Τριαδικιόν, Slavonic: Troíchen).
Biblical canonGod in ChristianityTrinityChristology

Question 9: Troparion of the Nativity (in ________):
Russian languageMacedonian languageOld Church SlavonicChurch Slavonic language


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