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Question 1: (The other four Liberal Arts were the quadrivium, namely ________, geometry, music, and astronomy, which were more challenging.) Hence, trivial in this sense would have meant "of interest only to an undergraduate".

Question 2: In 1974, a former Sacramento ________ named Fred L.
Air traffic controllerAir safetyAircraftInternational Civil Aviation Organization

Question 3: One is the ________ phenomenon, which is especially prevalent in Great Britain and in select U.S.
ChristchurchPub quizAucklandSouth Island

Question 4: On September 13, ________, four Columbia students appeared on the TV quiz show I've Got a Secret and competed in a trivia contest with the show's regular panelists.

Question 5: The first known documented labeling of this casual parlor game as "Trivia" was in a ________ column published on February 5, 1965.
Roone ArledgeColumbia UniversityNewsweekColumbia Daily Spectator

Question 6: From this usage, the expression came to apply more to information of the kind useful almost exclusively for answering quiz questions, whence also the brand name ________ (1982).
Trivial PursuitSpainMark L. WalbergTrivial Pursuit: America Plays

Question 7: The popularity of books by Goodgold and Carlinsky, Worth and others in the 1960s and 1970s laid the groundwork for the first edition of the board game ________ in the early 1980s.
SpainTrivial Pursuit: America PlaysMark L. WalbergTrivial Pursuit

Question 8: By 1966, other campuses had instituted Trivia bowls while colleges such as ________ and Williams College began radio contests which continue to this day.
Lake Forest CollegeRipon College (Wisconsin)Lawrence UniversityBeloit College

Question 9: cities, particularly in pubs that serve a large ________ community.
Italian AmericanScottish AmericanIrish AmericanGerman American

Question 10: The largest current trivia contest[5][6] is held in ________, at the University of Wisconsin–Stevens Point's college radio station WWSP 89.9 FM.
Green Bay, WisconsinStevens Point, WisconsinEau Claire, WisconsinPortage County, Wisconsin

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