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Question 1: The cars were priced at £1250, almost as much as a ________, and as such were uncompetitive price-wise.
Jaguar Mark XJaguar XJSJaguar XJJaguar E-Type

Question 2: This was the first such roof system on a production car and preceded by 5 years the ________/912 Targa, which has since become a generic name for this style of top.
Porsche 964Porsche 911 classicPorsche 997Porsche 911

Question 3: A TR4 roadster can also be seen in the US 1960's TV series, ________
My Favorite Martian (film)Ray WalstonLos AngelesMy Favorite Martian

Question 4: One example was exported for sale through Australian Motor Industries in Melbourne, ________.
BarbadosUnited KingdomCanadaAustralia

Question 5: The conversions were by Harrington Motor Bodyworks, mostly known for construction of the Harrington Alpine, a similarly converted ________.
Rootes GroupSunbeam AlpineSunbeam (car company)Sunbeam Rapier

Question 6: The Triumph TR4 was a sports car built in the ________ by the Standard Triumph Motor Company and introduced in 1961.
EnglandWalesCanadaUnited Kingdom

Question 7: Perhaps the most rare production TR4 model is the Dové GTR4 (and GTR4A) — a TR4 rebuilt as a coupé by a specialist coachbuilder for the Dove dealership in Wimbeldon, ________; only 43 were produced.


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