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Tristan and Iseult: Quiz


Question 1: In English, the Tristan story suffered the same fate as the ________ generally.
Morgan le FaySir KayKing ArthurMatter of Britain

Question 2: Tristan then travels on to ________, where he marries (for her name and her beauty) Iseult of the White Hands, daughter of Hoel of Brittany and sister of Sir Kahedin.
Breton languageBreton peopleNantesBrittany

Question 3: In some sources it states that two trees (hazel and ________) grow out of their graves and intertwine their branches so that they cannot be parted by any means.
HoneysuckleLonicera maackiiCaprifoliaceaeJapanese Honeysuckle

Question 4: In the 19th century, ________ composed the opera Tristan und Isolde, now considered one of the most influential pieces of music from the century.
Franz LisztFelix MendelssohnRichard WagnerHector Berlioz

Question 5: The book was left unfinished at Quiller-Couch's death and was completed many years later, in 1962, by ________.
CornwallThe Years Between (Daphne du Maurier play)Gertrude LawrenceDaphne du Maurier

Question 6: The Indian American Kishorilal (________) raises his orphaned nephew Arjun Shahrukh Khan.
Jackie ShroffSaeed JaffreyAmrish PuriAnil Kapoor

Question 7: There are references to March ap Meichion and Trystan in the Welsh Triads, some of the gnomic poetry, ________ stories and in the late 11th century Life of St. Illtud.
Welsh mythologyRhiannonBranwenMabinogion

Question 8: Another Irish analogue is Scéla Cano meic Gartnáin, preserved in the 14th century ________.
Cú RoíUlster CycleCú ChulainnYellow Book of Lecan

Question 9: ________'s Tristan borrowed freely from the Wagnerian version as well as retellings of the legend.
William WaltonMunichDer Prinz von Homburg (opera)Hans Werner Henze

Question 10: Its first editor, Sir ________, provided a sixty line ending to the story, which has been printed with the romance in every subsequent edition.
Walter ScottRobert BurnsSamuel Taylor ColeridgeVictor Hugo


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