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Trireme: Quiz


Question 1: In the Athenian case in particular, service in the ships was the integral part of the military service provided by the lower classes, the thētai, although ________ and hired foreigners were also accepted.
MeticAncient GreeceClassical AthensAthenian democracy

Question 2: The trireme (Greek: τριήρης sing., τριήρεις pl., Latin: triremis sing., triremes pl.) is a class of warship used by the ancient civilizations of the ________, especially the Phoenicians, ancient Greeks and Romans.
Indian OceanMediterranean SeaAtlantic OceanPacific Ocean

Question 3: The first clash with the Persian navy was at the ________, where both sides suffered great casualties.
Battle of ArtemisiumBattle of SalamisGreco-Persian WarsSecond Persian invasion of Greece

Question 4: At the Battle of Arginusae for example, 263 ships were involved, making for a total of 55,000 men, and at the ________ more than 300 ships and 60,000 seamen were involved.
Battle of CyzicusBattle of AegospotamiPeloponnesian WarBattle of Abydos

Question 5: According to Thucydides, the trireme was introduced to Greece by the Corinthians in the late ________, and the Corinthian Ameinocles built four such ships for the Samians.
8th century BC9th century BC6th century BC7th century BC

Question 6: Contrary to popular perception, in the ancient navies, crews were composed not of ________ but of free men.
MarseilleHellenistic-era warshipsGalley slaveRoman Navy

Question 7: In the subsequent ________, naval battles fought by triremes were crucial in the power balance between Athens and Sparta.
Classical AthensCorinthian WarPeloponnesian WarGreco-Persian Wars

Question 8: It was used by the Diadochi Empires and sea powers like Syracuse, ________ and later Rome.

Question 9: [26] There is also a reference by Xenophon of a single day's voyage from ________ to Heraclea Pontica, which translates as an average speed of 7.37 knots.
IstanbulGreeksRoman EmpireByzantium

Question 10: The Persian fleet roamed the Aegean Sea unopposed, but the first invasion force was defeated at the ________ in 490 BC.
Second Persian invasion of GreeceFirst Persian invasion of GreeceGreco-Persian WarsBattle of Marathon


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