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Triode: Quiz


Question 1: The term most commonly applies to a vacuum tube (or valve in British English) with three elements: the filament or cathode, the grid, and the plate or ________.
AnodeRechargeable batteryBattery (electricity)Galvanic cell

Question 2: The name triode appeared later, when it became necessary to distinguish it from other generic kinds of vacuum tubes with more or fewer elements (eg ________, tetrodes, pentodes etc.).
DiodeLight-emitting diodeSemiconductor deviceElectronic component

Question 3: Some guitarists routinely drive their amplifiers to the point of saturation, in order to produce a desired ________ tone.
JitterJohnson–Nyquist noiseDistortionPhase distortion

Question 4: The original three-element device was patented in 1908 by ________ who developed it from his original two-element 1906 Audion.
Frank ConradEdwin Howard ArmstrongErnst AlexandersonLee De Forest

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