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Question 1: In The Matrix Reloaded, she carries the ________ to safety on a Ducati 996 motorcycle in a harrowing chase through oncoming traffic.
KeymakerThe MatrixNeo (The Matrix)Mega City (The Matrix)

Question 2: In the first film, she pilots a ________ helicopter and manages to maintain control even after its hydraulics system is damaged.
UH-1N Twin HueyBell 412Bell 212Bell 206

Question 3: In "________", Trinity appears in a scene where she faces off against Ghost in a practice spar, the two subsequently discussing their shared belief that Neo can defeat the Machines despite the absurdity of the concept.
The Matrix ReloadedEnter the MatrixThe Matrix RevolutionsThe Matrix Online

Question 4: Trinity also makes appearances in ________ and The Matrix Comics.
The AnimatrixThe Matrix (franchise)The Matrix RevolutionsThe Matrix Reloaded

Question 5: Trinity is a fictional character in ________ universe, played by Carrie-Anne Moss in the films.
The MatrixThe Matrix (franchise)The Matrix ReloadedThe Matrix Revolutions

Question 6: In the gameplay segments of Path of Neo, she is voiced by ________.
Jennifer HaleThe Powerpuff GirlsStar Wars: The Clone Wars (2008 TV series)The Super Hero Squad Show

Question 7: ________
ApolloGreek mythologyList of women warriors in folkloreGoddess

Question 8: The name "Trinity" is heavily associated with ________ theology, which states that one can receive eternal life through the Holy Trinity: the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.
EcumenismChristian denominationChristianityBaptist

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