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Question 1: One of the most popular "trilogies" of fantasy books, The Lord of the Rings by ________, is not a trilogy, though it is often referred to as such.
J. R. R. TolkienThe HobbitBeowulf: The Monsters and the CriticsJ. R. R. Tolkien's influences

Question 2: In some cases, a work is retroactively named a trilogy instead of having been designed as such by the authors, particularly if it is a ________ of a continuously running series such a comic book or television show.
Soap operaSerial (radio and television)Story arcLost (TV series)

Question 3: ________ has dubbed his films Time Bandits, Brazil and The Adventures of Baron Munchausen as "The Imagination Trilogy", in that each movie has to do with the imagination of humans in the three stages of life; child, man, elder man.
The Crimson Permanent AssuranceMonty Python and the Holy GrailTerry GilliamMonty Python

Question 4: ________'s original core portion of the epic was the Jaya.

Question 5: By contrast, The Foundation Series by ________ originally consisted of Foundation, Foundation and Empire and Second Foundation and was considered a trilogy.
Science fictionIsaac AsimovIsaac Asimov bibliographyAlternate history

Question 6: In the ________ festivals of ancient Greece, for example, trilogies of plays were performed followed by a fourth satyr play.
Ancient Greek comedyDionysiaAeschylus5th century BC

Question 7: Most trilogies are works of fiction involving the same characters or setting, such as The Deptford Trilogy of novels by Robertson Davies or The Godfather films of ________.
Mario PuzoFrancis Ford CoppolaThe Godfather Part IIIThe Godfather Part II

Question 8: They are most commonly found in literature, ________, or video games, less commonly in visual art or musical works.
Movie theaterIndependent filmFilmFilmmaking

Question 9: Trilogies can also be connected in less obvious ways, such as "The Nova Trilogy" of novels by William S. Burroughs, each written using ________’s cut-up technique.
Tristan TzaraBrion GysinBeat GenerationPaul Bowles

Question 10: Trilogies — and series in general — are common in science fiction and ________ because of the artistic importance of complex ideas and the commercial importance of brand names.
Fairy taleFantasySpeculative fictionNovel


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