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Question 1: [8] In the ________ industry, this means that one can pick any two of: fastest time to market, highest software quality (fewest defects), and lowest cost (headcount).
ComputerLinuxComputer softwareJava (programming language)

Question 2: Its name is going back to a logical proof of the German philosopher ________.
Theodor W. AdornoFrankfurt SchoolJürgen HabermasHans Albert

Question 3: The third horn of the trilemma is the application of a ________.
Begging the questionAmbiguityPropositional calculusFallacy

Question 4: One can stop at self-evidence or common sense or fundamental principles or speaking '________' or at any other evidence, but in doing so the intention to install certain justification is abandoned.
Catholic ChurchPope John Paul IIPapal infallibilityPope

Question 5: One well known trilemma was put forward by Christian apologists as a proof of the divinity of Jesus, and is most commonly known in the version by ________.
The Lion, the Witch and the WardrobeThe Great DivorceC. S. LewisMere Christianity

Question 6: ________ noted another social trilemma in his book The Blank Slate: that a society cannot be simultaneously fair, free and equal.
E. O. WilsonEvolutionary psychologySteven PinkerRichard Dawkins

Question 7: One of the earliest uses of the trilemma formulation is that of the Greek philosopher Epicurus, rejecting the idea of an omnipotent and omnibenevolent God (as summarised by ________):[2]
David HumeImmanuel KantFriedrich NietzscheGeorg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel

Question 8: In ________, the trilemma (or "impossible trinity") is a term used in discussing the problems associated with creating a stable international financial system.
EconomicsMoneyKeynesian economicsHeterodox economics

Question 9: ________ cited a management trilemma encountered when trying to achieve production quickly and cheaply whilst maintaining high quality.
Arthur C. Clarke2001: A Space OdysseyThe Last Theorem3001: The Final Odyssey

Question 10: Although traditionally ascribed to Epicurus, it has been suggested that it may actually be the work of an early skeptic writer, possibly ________.


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