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Question 1: The interpretation in ________ is similar: when the mahamudra practices come to fruition, one sees that the mind and all phenomena are fundamentally empty of any identity; this emptiness is called dharmakaya.
Tibetan BuddhismMahamudraDrukpa LineageKagyu

Question 2: In the Pali Canon twenty-eight previous Buddhas are mentioned, and ________, the historical Buddha, is simply the Buddha who has appeared in our world age.
Ashoka the GreatBuddhism and HinduismBuddhismGautama Buddha

Question 3: ________ sometimes refers to a fourth body, called the Svabhavikakaya (Wylie: ngo bo nyid kyi sku, THDL: ngo wo nyi kyi ku), meaning essential body.
Lineage (Buddhism)SamayaVajrayanaTibetan Buddhism

Question 4: The dharmakaya dakini, which is Samantabhadri, represents the ________ where all phenomena appear.
Mahayana sutrasDharmadhatuMindstreamBuddhism

Question 5: The Trikaya doctrine (________, literally "Three bodies or personalities"; 三身 Chinese: Sānshēn, Japanese: sanjin) is an important Buddhist teaching both on the nature of reality, and what a Buddha is.

Question 6: Vairocana Buddha is often depicted as the incomprehensible Dharmakaya, particularly in esoteric Buddhist schools such as ________ and Kegon in Japan.
Shingon BuddhismKūkaiNichirenShinran

Question 7: One response to this was the development of the ________.
Mahayana Mahaparinirvana SutraTathagatagarbha doctrineBuddha-natureZen

Question 8: The sambhogakaya dakinis are the ________ used as meditational deities for tantric practice.
VajrayoginiDzogchenMaitreyaIṣṭha-deva(tā) (Buddhism)

Question 9: Even before the Buddha's ________ the term Dharmakaya was current.
Mahayana Mahaparinirvana SutraBuddhist textsParinirvanaBuddhism

Question 10: [1] In the view of ________, the 'Mindstream' (Sanskrit: citta santana) is the 'continuity' (Sanskrit: santana; Wylie: rgyud) that links the Trikaya.
Completion stageAnuyogaDzogchenNyingma

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