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Trigeminal neuralgia: Quiz


Question 1: Its nickname is "the suicide disease"[2] because of severe associated ________, and the fact that it is not easily controlled or cured.
Chronic painPain managementNociceptorPain

Question 2: Uncontrolled trials have suggested that ________ and lidocaine may be effective.

Question 3: The attacks are said by those affected to feel like stabbing ________, burning, pressing, crushing, exploding or shooting pain that becomes intractable.
HypothermiaAsphyxiaRadiation poisoningElectric shock

Question 4: ________ can be injected into the nerve by a physician, and has been found helpful using the "migraine" pattern adapted to the patient's special needs.
EpibatidineToxiferineBotulinum toxinOnchidal

Question 5: A case report found ________ effective in the management of drug-resistant Trigeminal Neuralgia [15]

Question 6: ________, which occurs after shingles, may cause similar symptoms if the trigeminal nerve is damaged.
VaccinePostherpetic neuralgiaVaricella vaccineZostavax

Question 7: Several theories exist to explain the possible causes of this ________ syndrome.
PainPain managementNociceptorChronic pain

Question 8: ________ are a common treatment strategy for trigeminal neuralgia.
AnticonvulsantDissociativeMood stabilizerDepressant

Question 9: Opiates such as ________ and oxycodone can be prescribed, and there is evidence of their effectiveness on neuropathic pain, especially if combined with gabapentin.

Question 10: Only two to four percent of patients with TN,[citation needed] usually younger,[citation needed] have evidence of ________, which may damage either the trigeminal nerve or other related parts of the brain.
Acute disseminated encephalomyelitisPoser criteriaMultiple sclerosisNeuromyelitis optica

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