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Tridymite: Quiz


Question 1: Tridymite is a high-temperature polymorph of ________ and usually occurs as minute tabular white or colorless pseudo-hexagonal triclinic crystals, or scales, in cavities in acidic volcanic rocks.

Question 2: Alpha phase is orthorhombic, Pearson symbol oS24, group C2221, No.20 whereas β-tridymite is ________, hP12, P63/mmc, No.
HexagonPolygonRegular polygonOctagon

Question 3: Tridymite was first described in 1868 and the type location is in Hidalgo, ________.
United StatesPhilippinesMexicoNicaragua

Question 4: Its ________ is SiO2.
HydrogenChemical formulaChemistryCarbon


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