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Tricyclic antidepressant: Quiz


Question 1: TCA overdose is a significant cause of fatal drug ________.
PoisonLead poisoningMercury poisoningArsenic poisoning

Question 2: ________ (Prondol, Galatur, Tetran) - 5-HT2 receptor antagonist

Question 3: Notably, however, a recent Cochrane review of the efficacy of the SSRIs concluded that they were only slightly more effective than ________[4] for the treatment of people with depression.
Pharmaceutical drugAntidepressantNoceboPlacebo

Question 4: Most, if not all, of the TCAs also potently inhibit ________ and L-type calcium channels, and therefore act as sodium channel blockers and calcium channel blockers, respectively.
Sodium channelStretch-activated ion channelIon channelPotassium channel

Question 5: For many years the TCAs were the first choice for pharmacological treatment of ________.
Major depressive disorderSchizoaffective disorderMood disorderBipolar disorder

Question 6: [25] The TCAs also have varying but typically high affinity for antagonizing the H1[18] and H2[26][27] histamine receptors, as well as the ________.
5-HT1A receptor5-HT receptorMuscarinic acetylcholine receptorHistamine H3 receptor

Question 7: [28][29] The former property is responsible for the high mortality rate upon ________ seen with the TCAs via cardiotoxicity.
Drug addictionDrug overdoseBenzodiazepine overdoseDrug abuse

Question 8: ________ (Stablon, Coaxil, Tatinol) - Selective serotonin reuptake enhancer

Question 9: [5] They are not considered addictive and are somewhat preferable to the ________ (MAOIs).
Tetracyclic antidepressantMonoamine oxidase inhibitorTricyclic antidepressantPardoprunox

Question 10: The TCAs are used primarily in the clinical treatment of mood disorders such as major depressive disorder (MDD), dysthymia, and ________ (BD), especially of the treatment-resistant variants.
ManiaSchizoaffective disorderBipolar disorderPsychosis

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