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Trichophycus pedum: Quiz


Question 1: [3] It is considered more complex than earlier ________; and these trace fossils, which occur worldwide, are usually found in strata above them.
Ediacara biotaCambrian explosionGeologic time scaleKimberella

Question 2: Trichophycus pedum (or Treptichnus pedum; formerly Phycodes pedum) is regarded as the earliest widespread complex ________.
ArthropodTrace fossilMolluscaDinosaur

Question 3: Its earliest appearance, which was contemporaneous with the last of the Ediacaran biota, is used to define the dividing line between the Ediacaran and ________ Periods.
Geologic time scaleCambrianCambrian explosionDevonian

Question 4: It was made by successive probes upward through the ________ in search of nutrients, generating a trace pattern reminiscent of a fan or twisted rope.
ErosionSediment transportSedimentSedimentary rock

Question 5: Since the Trichophycus animal presumably lacked any hard anatomical features, such as shells or ________, only its burrows have been found.
Human skullHuman skeletonBoneHead and neck anatomy


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