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Tributary: Quiz


Question 1: A tributary or affluent[1] is a stream or ________ which flows into a main stem (or parent) river.
EstuaryRiverDrainage basinRiver delta

Question 2: Tributaries and the mainstem river serve to drain the surrounding ________ of its surface water and groundwater by leading the water out into an ocean or some other large body of water.
Drainage basinSediment transportRiver deltaDune

Question 3: A confluence is where two or more ________ meet together, usually referring to the action of tributaries.
StreamEstuaryLakeBody of water

Question 4: The ________ examines the arrangement of tributaries in a hierarchy of first, second, third, and higher orders, with the first order tributary being typically the least in size.
River deltaErosionStrahler numberDrainage basin

Question 5: Distributaries are most often found in ________.
Mouth barAvulsion (river)Submarine canyonRiver delta


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