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Tribune: Quiz


Question 1: Magister militum
Princeps senatus
Pontifex Maximus
Roman EmperorImperatorRoman RepublicAncient Rome

Question 2: [8] On a couple of rare occasions (such as during the tribunate of ________), a Tribune might use a form of blanket obstruction, which could involve a broad veto over all governmental functions.
Tiberius GracchusGaius MariusJulius CaesarLucius Cornelius Sulla

Question 3: Clodius and Milo were both tribunes who used violence in the courts and government in order to achieve the needs and requests of ________ and Caesar.
PompeyLucius Cornelius SullaRoman RepublicAlexander the Great

Question 4: Dictator
Magister Equitum
AedileRoman KingdomRoman lawTribuni militum consulari potestate

Question 5: Roman citizenship
Roman consulAncient RomePraetorCursus honorum

Question 6: By the end of the Republic it was a class of people slightly below the ________ in wealth.
Roman NavyAuxiliaries (Roman military)Equestrian orderAncient Rome

Question 7: Tribunes had the power to convene the ________ and to act as its president, which also gave them the right to propose legislation before it.
Roman SenatePlebeian CouncilRoman assembliesRoman Magistrates

Question 8: Tribunes, the only true representatives of the people, had the authority to enforce the right of Provocatio, which was a theoretical guarantee of due process, and a precursor to the common law concept of ________.
Hamdan v. RumsfeldUnited StatesHabeas corpusGuantanamo Bay detention camp

Question 9: [2] The Patricians quickly became desperate to end what was, in effect, a ________,[2] and thus they quickly agreed to the demands of the Plebeians, that they be given the right to elect their own officials.
Lockout (industry)Labour lawStrike actionLabor rights

Question 10: When the Senate refused to grant Caesar's veterans lands and a further governorship of ________, he turned to the tribunes with his demands and got them.
GaulCeltsGaulsLa Tène culture


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