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Tribal Assembly: Quiz


Question 1: Presidential primaries, the early results tended to create a ________.
PropagandaArgumentum ad populumSpin (public relations)Bandwagon effect

Question 2: Roman citizenship
Roman consulAncient RomeCursus honorumPraetor

Question 3: [1] The president of the Tribal Assembly was usually either a "Consul" (the highest ranking Roman Magistrate) or a "________" (the second-highest ranking Roman Magistrate).
Ancient RomeRoman RepublicRoman EmperorPraetor

Question 4: Dictator
Magister Equitum
Tribuni militum consulari potestateAedileRoman KingdomRoman law

Question 5: Since the Romans used a form of ________, citizens, and not elected representatives, voted before each assembly.
SociocracyDemarchyDirect democracyTotalitarian democracy

Question 6: In the Roman system of ________, two primary types of assembly were used to vote on legislative, electoral, and judicial matters.
Totalitarian democracyDirect democracyDemarchySociocracy

Question 7: However, after the reforms of the Roman Dictator ________ in 82 BC, the power to try cases was reassigned to special jury courts (quaestiones perpetuae).
PompeyJulius CaesarLucius Cornelius SullaAlexander the Great

Question 8: Any decision made by a presiding magistrate could be vetoed by a magistrate known as a "________".
Cursus honorumTribuneAncient RomeRoman Republic

Question 9: The Tribal Assembly (comitia tributa) of the ________ was the democratic assembly of Roman citizens.
Classical antiquityAncient RomeRoman EmpireRoman Republic

Question 10: Since Tribal membership was reaffirmed once every five years in each Census, it became possible to crudely ________ Tribes.
GerrymanderingReferendumApportionment (politics)By-election


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