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Triassic: Quiz


Question 1: Three categories of organisms can be distinguished in the Triassic record: holdovers from the Permian-Triassic extinction, new groups which flourished briefly, and other new groups which went on to dominate the ________ world.
MesozoicDinosaurCretaceousGeologic time scale

Question 2: The spermatophytes, or seed plants came to dominate the terrestrial flora: in the northern hemisphere, ________ flourished.
PinophytaFlowering plantGymnospermFern

Question 3: In the oceans, 22% of marine families and possibly about half of marine genera went missing according to ________ paleontologist Jack Sepkoski.
Northwestern UniversityIllinois Institute of TechnologyUniversity of ChicagoUniversity of Illinois at Chicago

Question 4: ________ (a seed fern) was the dominant southern hemisphere tree during the Early Triassic period.
PlantAntarcticaFlowering plantGlossopteris

Question 5: Some ________, the next most common tetrapods, and early dinosaurs, passed through unchanged.

Question 6: Immediately above the boundary the ________ flora was suddenly[16] largely displaced by an Australia wide coniferous flora containing few species and containing a lycopod herbaceous under story.
GlossopterisPlantAntarcticaFlowering plant

Question 7: All the deep-ocean sediments laid down during the Triassic have disappeared through ________ of oceanic plates; thus, very little is known of the Triassic open ocean.
Convergent boundarySubductionMid-ocean ridgeVolcanic arc

Question 8: At the same time the Ornithodira, which until then had been small and insignificant, evolved into pterosaurs and a variety of ________.

Question 9: [9] It probably had strong, ________-equatorial monsoons.
CrossFlags with crossesPope John Paul IIChristianity

Question 10: In ________, for example, marine deposits are limited to a few exposures in the west.
North AmericaAmericasSouth AmericaAmericas (terminology)

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