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Question 1:
Triangle (instrument), Fiddle and Triangle (instrument) are all:
Orchestral percussion Cajun musical instruments Marching percussion Latin percussion

Question 2: The Triangle also provides the trademark percussion during the opening bars of ________'s famous theme from The Pink Panther
Blake EdwardsHenry ManciniBreakfast at Tiffany's (film)Mr. Lucky (TV series)

Question 3: In the 19th century, the triangle was used in some music by ________, such as the "Bridal chorus" from "Lohengrin" (opera).
Richard WagnerHector BerliozFranz LisztFelix Mendelssohn

Question 4: The triangle (known in ________ as a tit-fer) is popular in Cajun music where it serves as the strong beat, especially if no drums are present.
Acadian FrenchQuebec FrenchCajun FrenchColonial French

Question 5: The first piece to make the triangle really prominent was ________'s Piano Concerto No. 1, where it is used as a solo instrument in the third movement, giving this concerto the nickname of "triangle concerto".
Franz LisztRichard WagnerFrédéric ChopinHector Berlioz

Question 6: Other notable triangle players include newcomer Moody Mascott from the new wave / ________ German French pop group Kommando Trash.
Color FieldMinimalismLyrical AbstractionAbstract expressionism

Question 7: Although the shape is today generally in the form of an equilateral triangle, early instruments were often formed as ________ triangles.

Question 8: In ________, samba and rock music a triangle is more often hooked over the hand so that one side can be damped by the fingers to vary the tone.
Woody GuthriePete SeegerElectric folkFolk music

Question 9: It is a bar of ________, usually steel in modern instruments, bent into a triangle shape.
MetalNoble gasHalogenNonmetal

Question 10: However, triangle parts in classical music can be very demanding, and James Blades in the ________ writes that "the triangle is by no means a simple instrument to play".
Igor StravinskyNew Grove Dictionary of OperaAnne MidgetteGrove Dictionary of Music and Musicians


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