Triangle: Quiz


Question 1:
Who played Carlo Di Fermi the movie Triangle?
Ray Danton
Michael Dorman
Larry Lamb
John Bellah

Question 2:
Who played Victor the movie Triangle?
Michael Craig
Paul Richards
Jonathan Owen
Liam Hemsworth

Question 3:
What role did Paul Jerrico play in the movie Triangle?
Charles Woodhouse
Captain John Anderson
Dr. Victor Enfield
Wally James

Question 4:
What role did Edward Faulkner play in the movie Triangle?
Dr. Victor Enfield

Question 5:
What role did Dana Wynter play in the movie Triangle?
Katherine Laker
Olive Millikan
Sharon McClure

Question 6: Some ________ for a pair of triangles to be congruent are:
Necessary and sufficient conditionAlgebraSet (mathematics)Matrix (mathematics)

Question 7:
Who played Sharon McClure the movie Triangle?
Tiffany Bolling
Dana Wynter
Tiffany Bolling
Melissa George

Question 8:
Who played Jack the movie Triangle?
Jack Taylor
Michael Craig
Ray Danton
Nigel Stock

Question 9:
What role did Ray Danton play in the movie Triangle?
Arthur Parker
Captain John Anderson
Wally James
Carlo Di Fermi

Question 10:
Who played Downey the movie Triangle?
Michael Craig
Henry Nixon
Paul Richards
Henry Nixon

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