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Trevor Berbick: Quiz


Question 1: He opted to stay in Canada and fight professionally out of ________ and Halifax.
Downtown MontrealUnderground City, MontrealMontrealGreater Montreal

Question 2: On November 22, in his first defense of the title, he was knocked down two times in the second round by 20-year-old ________.
Tyson (film)Tyson-Holyfield IMike TysonPunch-Out!! (NES)

Question 3: Afterwards, a ________ revealed a blood clot in his brain and his boxing license was revoked.
CT pulmonary angiogramMedical radiographyMagnetic resonance imagingX-ray computed tomography

Question 4: In his second fight after the loss, he beat then- 39-year old ________ in what would be the final fight of Mr.
Michael JordanWayne GretzkyTiger WoodsMuhammad Ali

Question 5: Berbick claimed that he had been double-crossed and that he had expected the fight to be like American ________, but it turned out that the rules allowed Takada to kick Berbick below the belt.
Muay ThaiWorld Boxing Council MuaythaiKickboxingSavate

Question 6: At the age of 16, he claimed to have had a vision from ________.

Question 7: He retired in Florida to be with his wife and three children (he had three children with his first wife in Montreal) and started to train boxers at Kenny Barrett's Gym in Tamarac, ________.
New JerseyNorth CarolinaMassachusettsFlorida

Question 8: Trevor Berbick (August 1, 1955[1] – October 28, 2006) was a Jamaican - ________ heavyweight boxer and champion who fought as a professional from 1976 until 2000.
BarbadosCanadaUnited KingdomUnited States

Question 9: On October 28, 2006, he was murdered at a church in Norwich, ________ by an assailant wielding a 2 inch thick steel pipe.
GrenadaBarbadosJamaicaAntigua and Barbuda

Question 10: In 1991, he went to the UWFI in ________ to fight Nobuhiko Takada in a "boxer vs.
JapanCanadaUnited KingdomCambodia


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