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Treprostinil: Quiz


Question 1: other serine endopeptidases: ________ • Fibrinolysin
UrokinaseStreptokinaseAncrodTissue plasminogen activator

Question 2: Other side effects may include headache, diarrhea, nausea, rash, jaw pain, vasodilatation, dizziness, ________ (swelling), pruritus (itching), and hypotension.

Question 3: coumarins: Acenocoumarol • Coumatetralyl • Dicoumarol (Dicumarol) • Ethyl biscoumacetate • Phenprocoumon • ________

Question 4: Since treprostinil is a vasodilator, its antihypertensive effect may be compounded by other medications that affect the blood pressure, including calcium channel blockers, ________, and other vasodilating agents.
DiureticBeta blockerAntihypertensive drugACE inhibitor

Question 5: ________ (Bemiparin, Certoparin, Dalteparin, Enoxaparin, Nadroparin, Parnaparin, Reviparin, Tinzaparin)
WarfarinLow molecular weight heparinAnticoagulantDirect thrombin inhibitor

Question 6: Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension In Patients Requiring Transition From Flolan In patients with ________ requiring transition from Flolan (epoprostenol sodium), Remodulin is indicated to diminish the rate of clinical deterioration.
PneumoniaPulmonary embolismChylothoraxPulmonary hypertension

Question 7: The major effects of treprostinil are ________ of arteries in the pulmonary (lung) and body.
VasodilationAntianginalCalcium channel blockerBeta blocker

Question 8: Remodulin may be administered as a continuous subcutaneous infusion or continuous intravenous infusion via a small ________ that the patient must wear at all times.
Pharmaceutical drugAnalgesicBlood pressureInfusion pump

Question 9: bivalent: Hirudin (________, Lepirudin, Desirudin)

Question 10: The oral form of treprostinil is currently undergoing ________ and the inhaled form and data is being reviewed by the FDA.
Medical researchClinical trialClinical trial protocolPlacebo-controlled study

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