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Tremolo: Quiz


Question 1: Tremolo on a violin or similar instrument is sometimes combined with playing ________ (bowing near the bridge of the instrument), which gives a thin and reedy effect, often perceived to be "ghostly."
MusicIndex of music articlesOutline of musicGlossary of musical terminology

Question 2: The term tremolando especially refers to a rapid repetition on a bowed ________, one of the most commonly seen uses of the technique.
Musical instrumentViolinString instrumentGuqin

Question 3: In ________ and related instruments, tremolo by amplitude modulation is accomplished through intermodulation between two or more reeds slightly out of tune with each other.
AccordionAccordion music genresConcertinaBayan (accordion)

Question 4: Historically, its use on keyboard instruments can be traced back to a time before the invention of the piano when ________ and similar instruments such as the spinet were standard.
Baroque musicConcertoHarpsichordVirginals

Question 5: of a single note, particularly used on bowed string instruments and plucked strings such as ________, where it is called bisbigliando or "whispering".
HarpEnglandUnited KingdomIreland

Question 6: Another common use of the technique on one note is in the playing of the mandolin and the ________.
RussiaBalalaikaCelloString instrument

Question 7: Mallet instruments such as the ________ are capable of either method.

Question 8: a defect of vocal technique resulting in an unpleasantly wide or slow ________.

Question 9: Tremolo is also well known ________ technique which involves a single bass note played with the thumb directly followed by the rapid repetition of a higher note played by the ring, middle and index fingers.
CastanetsAndalusian cuisineClassical guitarFeria de Jerez

Question 10: Tremolo can also be achieved through the use of ________.
Frequency-shift keyingSingle-sideband modulationFrequency modulationAmplitude modulation


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