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Question 1: Later, ________ (dressed as Xena) addresses fans at a science fiction convention.
Lucy LawlessXena: Warrior PrincessGabrielle (Xena)Dysnomia (moon)

Question 2: They quickly notice that this spaceliner is filled with people such as Ross Perot, Tom Arnold, ________ and many other annoying celebrities.
Adam CarollaAndy DickArtie LangeHoward Stern

Question 3: On December 31, 1999, Dick Clark[3] celebrates New Year's Rockin' Eve in Springfield instead of ________.
BoweryBroadway (New York City)Sutton Place, ManhattanTimes Square

Question 4: On a foggy evening with a full moon, The Simpsons are driving down a road until Marge accidentally smashes into ________.
Reverend Timothy LovejoyFlanders familyJulius HibbertNed Flanders

Question 5: While they tell jokes, ________ is played, but the audience appear unamused.
30 RockLaugh trackHanna-BarberaPrimetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Comedy Series

Question 6: ________, who has styled himself as a villain called "The Collector", kidnaps her using a magnet to attract her metal breast plate.
Lisa SimpsonBart SimpsonComic Book GuyHomer Simpson

Question 7: Maggie is the alien/human mutant from "________" and Lisa is the victim of an axe murder.
Treehouse of Horror VIIIThe Simpsons (season 10)Bart the MotherTreehouse of Horror IX

Question 8: "Treehouse of Horror X" is the fourth episode of ________' eleventh season, as well as the tenth "Treehouse of Horror" episode.
The Simpsons (franchise)The Simpsons MovieThe SimpsonsBart Simpson

Question 9: They become a ________ duo, calling themselves "Stretch Dude & Clobber Girl".
BatmanSuperheroJack KirbyStan Lee

Question 10: The Simpson family sits on the couch, with Homer appearing as the jack-in-the-box from "________", Marge as the witch from "Treehouse of Horror VIII", Bart as the half-fly mutant from "Treehouse of Horror VIII".
The Simpsons (season 3)Treehouse of Horror IITreehouse of Horror (series)Brother, Can You Spare Two Dimes?

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