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Question 1: ________ believed that phylogeny, the ascent of all species through time, was expressible as a metaphor he termed the Tree of Life.
Charles Darwin's educationCharles Darwin's religious viewsCharles DarwinEvolution

Question 2: In ________ (1859) Chapter IV he presented an abstract diagram of a theoretical Tree of Life for species of an unnamed large genus (see figure).
Charles DarwinEvolutionHistory of evolutionary thoughtOn the Origin of Species

Question 3: The modern development of this idea is called the ________.
Common descentComputational phylogeneticsCladisticsPhylogenetic tree

Question 4: The model is still considered valid for ________ life forms.

Question 5: ________ (1744-1829) produced the first branching tree of animals in his Philosophy zoologique (1809).
Jean-Baptiste LamarckNatural selectionCharles DarwinEvolution

Question 6: Biologists now recognize, that the prokaryotes, the bacteria and archaea, have the ability to transfer genetic information between unrelated organisms through ________ (HGT).
DNACell (biology)Horizontal gene transferMicroorganism

Question 7: ________ (1834–1919) constructed several Trees of Life.
Relationship between religion and scienceFriedrich NietzscheErnst HaeckelMircea Eliade


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