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Question 1: Once the lead climber ascends the tree, he or she may create a belay or top rope anchor or else simply ________ down.
Rock climbing equipmentAbseilingBelayingRock climbing

Question 2: Tree climbing is an activity consisting of ascending and moving around in the crown of ________.

Question 3: These techniques are used to climb trees for many purposes, including tree care (________), animal rescue, recreation, sport, research, and activism.

Question 4: Some tree climbers take special ________ called "Treeboats" and Portaledges with them into the tree canopies where they can enjoy a picnic or nap, or spend the night.
HammockBedSleepSleep paralysis

Question 5: Tree climbing is an "on rope" activity that employs a mixture of techniques and gear principally derived from rock climbing and ________.
CavingShow caveCavePit cave

Question 6: Professional ________ have been climbing trees since the late 1800s in North America[citation needed].

Question 7: [citation needed] Use of a rope, ________, and harness are the minimum requirements to ensure the safety of the climber.


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