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Treaty of Kars: Quiz


Question 1: The only exception was the Surmalu region which was annexed by Russia in the Treaty of Turkmenchay after the last Russo-Persian War with ________.
AzerbaijanIranIran–Iraq WarIraq

Question 2: According to different participants of Moscow Conference, Stalin's participation in Kars Treaty was huge in the context of huge area of ________ territory was passed to Turkey[3] .
Democratic Republic of ArmeniaArmenian Soviet Socialist RepublicHistory of ArmeniaRussian Armenia

Question 3: After ________, the Soviet Union attempted to annul the Kars treaty and regain its lost territory[citation needed].
Collaboration with the Axis Powers during World War IIWorld War IISoviet occupationsSecond Sino-Japanese War

Question 4: In 1924, Nakhchivan Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic was formed on this territory as an exclave subordinate to ________, and sharing a 15-km boundary with now Turkish district of Surmalu.
March DaysAzerbaijan Soviet Socialist RepublicAzerbaijani cultureBlack January

Question 5: On June 7, 1945, Soviet Foreign Minister ________ told the Turkish ambassador in Moscow that the regions should be returned to the USSR, in the name of both the Georgian and Armenian republics.
Vyacheslav MolotovAndrei GromykoBoris YeltsinJoseph Stalin

Question 6: There two people are the most powerful in ________.
RussiaMoscowUnited StatesRussian culture

Question 7: The northern half, with the port city of ________, was ceded by Turkey to the Soviet Union.

Question 8: Due to tension between Armenia and Azerbaijan over the region of ________, Turkey has closed the land border with Armenia and severed diplomatic ties with it, thus allegedly violating this article.
NakhchivanNagorno-Karabakh WarNagorno-Karabakh RepublicNagorno-Karabakh

Question 9: That way supposed direct contact with ________, who is the closest friend of Lenin.
Joseph StalinWinston ChurchillBoris YeltsinHarry S. Truman

Question 10: It was a successor treaty to the earlier ________ of March 1921 and established contemporary borders between Turkey and the South Caucasus states.
Treaty of SèvresPartitioning of the Ottoman EmpireTreaty of KarsTreaty of Moscow (1921)


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