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Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo: Quiz


Question 1: In addition to the sale of land, the treaty also provided for the recognition of the Rio Grande as the boundary between the State of ________ and Mexico.
OklahomaTexasIllinoisUnited States

Question 2: An amendment by ________ giving the U.S.
Jefferson DavisJ. Donald CameronZachary TaylorAbraham Lincoln

Question 3: The version of the treaty ratified by the ________ eliminated Article X[16], which stated that the U.S.
111th United States CongressHart Senate Office BuildingUnited States CongressUnited States Senate

Question 4: The protocol further noted that said explanations had been accepted by the Mexican Minister of Foreign Affairs on behalf of the Mexican Government,[19] and was signed in ________ by A.
Mexico CityMoreliaOaxaca, OaxacaQuerétaro, Querétaro

Question 5: Controversy over community land grant claims in ________ persist to this day.
MontanaIllinoisColoradoNew Mexico

Question 6: This was done to ensure that the United States received ________ and its excellent natural harbor, without relying on potentially inaccurate designations by latitude.
San DiegoLos AngelesSan Diego County, CaliforniaSan Jose, California

Question 7: The treaty took its name from what is now the suburb of ________ where it was signed on 2 February 1848.
MoscowRio de JaneiroSão PauloMexico City

Question 8: A motion to insert the ________ banning slavery into the treaty failed 15-38 on sectional lines.
Nullification CrisisAmerican Civil WarWilmot ProvisoUnited States

Question 9: California and New Mexico were quickly occupied in the summer of 1846, and fighting there ended by January 1847 with the signing of the Treaty of Cahuenga and end of the ________.
Cienega AffairTaos RevoltRed River Canyon AffairLas Vegas Affair

Question 10: British efforts to mediate were fruitless, in part because additional political disputes (particularly the ________) arose between Mexico, Britain and the United States.
Oregon TrailFort VancouverOregon boundary disputeOregon Country

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