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Treaty of Bromberg: Quiz


Question 1: For the ________, Wehlau-Bromberg was a "major geopolitical gain and surge in wealth and prestige",[12][43] while Poland had "substantially benefited" from Brandenburgian support during the war.
House of BourbonHohenzollern-SigmaringenHouse of HabsburgHouse of Hohenzollern

Question 2: [7] While in the ________ there was support for this treaty among the nobles, who hoped for more privileged positions, this was not true for the Kingdom of Poland, where the elites looked for ways to circumvent Alexis' succession.
History of UkraineGolden HordeGrand Duchy of LithuaniaKhmelnytsky Uprising

Question 3: [17] ________ (Gdansk) mayor Adrian von der Linde was also present.

Question 4: The third Polish concession was the payment of 120,000 ________ to Brandenburg-Prussia for war-related damage suffered upon entering the war on the Polish side.
ConventionsthalerVereinsthalerThalerMaria Theresa thaler

Question 5: Brandenburg-Prussia was obliged to militarily aid Poland against the Swedish Empire in the ongoing ________.
Northern Seven Years' WarGreat Northern WarSecond Northern WarDeluge (history)

Question 6: [36] After 1771, the region was governed from ________ (now Szczecin) like the rest of Brandenburgian Pomerania, and allegiance to subsequent Prussian kings was given together with the other Pomeranian estates in Stettin.
GreifswaldStralsundStargard SzczeciŇĄskiSzczecin

Question 7: [33] The ecclesiastical subordination of the Roman Catholic Church to the Polish archbishop of Ermland (Warmia) also caused tensions with the ________.
House of HabsburgHouse of HohenzollernHohenzollern-SigmaringenHouse of Bourbon

Question 8: The ________, where Frederick William I was full sovereign by the Brandenburg-Swedish Treaty of Labiau, was accepted by the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth to be the sovereign possession of the House of Hohenzollern.
Lauenburg and B√ľtow LandRoyal PrussiaEast PrussiaDuchy of Prussia

Question 9: Hereditary Hohenzollern sovereignity was only agreed on for the Duchy of Prussia, while ________ (Ermeland, Warmia) was to be returned to Poland.
Teutonic KnightsWarmiaOld PrussiansEast Prussia

Question 10: The Habsburgs' interest in the treaty was to build up good relations to Frederick William I, who as a prince-elector was a valuable ally if he was won to support their policy in the ________.
Holy Roman EmpireByzantine EmpireGerman EmpireFrancia


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