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Treaty: Quiz


Question 1: Treaties Section of the UK ________
Cabinet OfficeDepartment for Communities and Local GovernmentDepartment for Culture, Media and SportForeign and Commonwealth Office

Question 2: ________ (treaty-based)
UNESCOUnited NationsList of intergovernmental organizationsUNICEF

Question 3: In other cases, such as New Zealand and ________, treaties allowed native peoples to maintain a minimum amount of autonomy.
United StatesBarbadosUnited KingdomCanada

Question 4: In some rare cases, such as with Ethiopia and Qing Dynasty ________, the local governments were able to use the treaties to at least mitigate the impact of European colonization.
Religion in ChinaTime in ChinaProvince (China)China

Question 5: After their adoption, treaties as well as their amendments have to follow the official legal procedures of the United Nations, as applied by the Office of Legal Affairs, including signature, ________ and entry into force.
United StatesReferendumRatificationFrance

Question 6: Treaties formed an important part of European ________ and, in many parts of the world, Europeans attempted to legitimize their sovereignty by signing treaties with indigenous peoples.

Question 7: A treaty is an agreement under international law entered into by actors in international law, namely ________ and international organizations.
NicaraguaMexicoHaitiSovereign state

Question 8: Prior to 1871 the government of the United States regularly entered into treaties with ________ but the Indian Appropriations Act of March 3, 1871 (ch.
Indigenous peoples of the AmericasHousehold income in the United StatesChristianity in the United StatesNative Americans in the United States

Question 9: See the article on the ________ for history of the relationship between treaty powers and Constitutional provisions.
Harry S. TrumanJohn F. KennedyBricker AmendmentLyndon B. Johnson

Question 10: Conversely some legal documents such as the ________ are internationally considered to be documents under domestic law.
History of New ZealandTreaty of WaitangiNew ZealandConstitution of New Zealand

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