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Question 1: ________Two Treatises of Government
Gottfried LeibnizJohn LockePlatoImmanuel Kant

Question 2: A treatise is a formal and systematic written ________ on some subject, generally longer and treating it in greater depth than an essay, and more concerned with investigating or exposing the principles of the subject.
Michel FoucaultSemanticsDiscourseSocial sciences

Question 3: ________Man, Economy, and State
Murray RothbardLudwig von MisesFriedrich von HayekLew Rockwell

Question 4: ________I Quattro Libri dell’Architettura
Villa Capra "La Rotonda"Andrea PalladioVicenzaVilla Barbaro

Question 5: ________De re aedificatoria
FlorenceItalian RenaissanceItalyLeon Battista Alberti

Question 6:
  • ________Treatise on Harmony
    Les fêtes de PolymnieJean-Philippe RameauCastor et PolluxHippolyte et Aricie

Question 7: David Hume________
Hume's forkDialogues concerning Natural ReligionA Treatise of Human NatureAn Enquiry concerning Human Understanding

Question 8:
  • ________Human Action
    Friedrich von HayekMurray RothbardLudwig von MisesLew Rockwell

Question 9: Niccolò Machiavelli________, and Discourses on Livy
Florentine HistoriesThe MandrakeBelfagor arcidiavoloThe Prince

Question 10: Paul Samuelson________
Mathematical economicsNeoclassical economicsComparative staticsFoundations of Economic Analysis


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